Rapid COVID Testing: Our road back to ‘normal’

Rapid COVID Testing: Our road back to ‘normal’

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Rapid tests are, and will continue to play a crucial role in helping our nation get back to ‘normal’.

In light of the latest UK government announcement highlighting a clear roadmap out of lockdown, rapid tests have never been so important.

As vaccines continue rolling out, schools and businesses slowly reopen their doors, and travel slowly increases, having an effective way of quickly detecting and isolating positive cases will help us keep the virus at bay.


Why Rapid Testing?

Getting people vaccinated will take time, and even then, scientists and medical professionals are still trying to work out the length of vaccine immunity and the efficacy of the vaccines against variants of the virus.

At this point, everyone is looking for a silver bullet in this pandemic. The reality is that to get a pandemic under control, it will most definitely have to be a multi-faceted approach including widespread and regular testing, mask wearing, social distancing and the continuation of frequent handwashing.

Rapid lateral flow tests can quickly and affordably determine who actively has got the virus and isolate effectively in order not to spread the virus to family, friends and the wider community.

New to the market, our latest saliva sample lateral flow antigen test is easy to use delivering results in 15 minutes.

With no risk from reagents, no invasive swabbing and the system only requiring a spit sample, it’s a game changer in the marketplace.

Exeros Meditech’s other rapid test is our manual assay spit test, a sputum spit test detecting COVID-19 in human saliva and nasopharyngeal specimens. 


For more information on our C-19 testing solutions, please download our brochure here, or get in touch on medical(at)exerostech.com