Available as an option is our simple data management platform for end users and organisations. Testing in large numbers can be difficult to manage so we’ve launched a supporting software that makes staff testing easy

Health Passport

Know when users have been tested and are covid-clear

Results in Real-Time

Users results are reported back to them via the app. Test expiry notified

Ultra-secure software

Fully encrypted Secure code. Cannot be feigned. Full multi-site central management software

Automated Reporting

Easily managed and automated reporting to healthcare authorities in line with government guidance

How it works


Users can register on the app or keep to a paper process just like a boarding pass


Once approved and verified, a unique, secure and anonymous smart code is assigned

Test & Results

Following a test, results are presented to them in-app for speed and privacy

Digital pass

If clear, a digital pass is generated and assigned to their code, enabling access to enrolled spaces


Organisations can be confident in a centrally managed solution making testing simple & effective with dashboard data available