Contact Tracing


Wearable technology makes contact tracing independent and easy. It is a new accurate technology that is tackling the back-to-work challenges.

Trace Badge

Trace Watch

Trace Card

Easily Trace

Full peer to peer track and trace solution.


No heavy infrastructure – deploy overnight.


Unrivaled accuracy. Up to 10cm ranging precision.


Equipped with audio, visual or vibration alerts.

As a modular extension, our wearable tech is available as a standalone solution or as part of a total venue analysis deployment.

How it works


Employees and visitors collect a wearable device upon entry into the building


The wearer receives a vibration and/or audio alert when too close to others


Upon exit from building, wearers dock their device, ready for sanitisation

Data Collection on Dashboard

Devices can come with full contact tracing software allowing management to review social distancing historical log and manage social distancing with ease.